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Shipping Policy

1. Questions about purchase and pre-order
1)After your order is successfully paid, we will send the order to the warehouse for packaging and shipping. Generally, you can see the tracking number in the order within 3 days.
2)If you want us to hold the item instead of shipping it then you can pay what you need and contact us after the payment. 
3) For pre-order items there is no extra shipping charge. If it has been produced and is in stock, we will ship it for you immediately. Before delivery, if you decide not to pre order, please contact us.
4.If you want to make an order, but see your country is not included in the transportation plan, please contact us, and we can solve this problem for you.

2. What should I do if there's no update in my tracking?
Don't worry, it's still in transit. Please wait patiently. 
If you see it's not updating over 45 days then contact us via our After-Sale Service, we will check the tracking and provide you with solutions.

3. Where you ship the package from?
We ship from China to worldwide.

4. How to track my items?
We will upload the tracking right after we got it from the shipping company, it will take about 3 days normally. You can enter tracking number on 17track to track your items.

5. Why I didn’t get a shipping notification?
We send emails to your registered address for each order we ship. Please make sure the email address is correct before purchase.Check trash if you didn’t get an email after you register.

6. Will you ship all my items together or would be multiply packages?
If you bought some items in one order, we won’t ship them together normally. We ship them separately to reduce the customs tax and the risk of breakage during the shipping.

7. Why are there several tracking numbers in the order detail?
In most cases, it means the tracking # We uploaded previously and has been updated into a different one.
In other cases, there might be multiple items in the same order, and we have multiple tracking #s for each item. However, due to technical limitations, we can not specifically mark each item with the correct tracking#. If you have problems with the tracking please contact us

8. What should I do if the tracking shows the package has been returned or something weird?
Contact us if you find your package has been returned or any weird thing happens. We will deal with it soon.
You can also contact your local post office once it’s in your country for more info.

9. How do you guys deal with custom tax?
For United States buyers, the Good news, there will be no tax at all. Sweet
For EU countries buyers, the tax is already included in the shipping cost.
For other countries (Brazil, Chile, Canada, Peru, UK and etc.) We always mark the value around 10-30USD for each package to lower the chance for you to get taxed for importing goods.