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About Us

Our team is composed of elites from all walks of life, including the management of Fortune Global 500, first-line hospital employees with 10 years of experience in the medical system, etc. It is the love of model and figure(action/scale) that makes us know each other and decide to engage in this business together: let model/figure fans all over the world enjoy the happiness brought by this pleasure equally.

We have opened stores on Amazon, AliExpress and other platforms before, but the total price of products has also risen in the past two years as the platform costs have risen. We feel that this phenomenon has made us lose our original intention of founding the company, so we decided to set up this website. Here, you can purchase the same product at a more favorable price (if you have any doubt about this, you can also go to our Amazon/AliExpress store to purchase it).

1.Products: Since we operate stores on multiple platforms at the same time, we have sufficient products and inventory to deliver goods quickly.
2.Shipping: With our previous resource accumulation on Amazon/AliExpress, we have many reliable shipping companys, which can ensure that your products will be delivered quickly and safely.
3.Service:we provide replacement parts if you find defects on the items you received.

Thank you for your support.